3 Easy Steps to Mail Your UDT Chronosport Watch

Step 1

Chronosport Watch Repair Form

Download and complete the repair form.  Click on the image above to download and then print the form.  Please complete, date and sign the left-hand side of the form.  You will describe what is wrong with your watch and any other services you would like to have done on this form.

Step 2


Package & Box your UDT.

Start with a zip lock bag, then add some padding such as bubble wrap, peanut foam or crumpled paper.  Please do not send your watch's gift box.  We recommend the US Postal Service.  Free Priority Mail boxes are available at your post office. 

Step 3


Mail your watch via USPS (United States Postal Service).

Insure, track & monitor your shipment. When we receive your watch an estimate will be performed & we will contact you via e-mail within 2-3 business days of your watch's arrival with a repair quote for your consideration.

About Our Logo

The Stylized 'F'

Watchmaking is NOT an easy trade to learn, and for the independently-minded, almost impossible to gain acceptance into.  Over a decade ago when I attempted to enter the trade of Swiss watch repair, I was met by strong resistance which came from both established American watchmakers and the Swiss watch brands. It seemed that no matter how hard I tried, I could not gain respect, and parts accounts with any major manufacturer were almost impossible to acquire.  I quickly learned that one particular word really set off the 'elite' watchmaker, and that word was 'FIX.' They despised it, and in school we were told NEVER to use that word.  "We 'service' the watch," I was admonished.

The Wolfsangel Symbol

Long before this symbol was co-opted by crazy German socialists in the 1930s, the 'wolfsangel' was an iron-shaped, baited trap used to catch and kill errant wolves. But little known to many today is the fact that it was also strategically utilized during the Middle Ages as an identifying symbol of INDEPENDENT TRADESMAN, who were often summarily rejected by the fascists 'guilds.'  This bold, new breed of tradesmen desired a symbol that would embody the cause of an emerging and rare form of freedom from the onerous restrictions imposed by the archaic, racist and hostile trade guilds.  The wolfsangel was chosen by them to serve as an ANTIestablishment message, and it was purposefully adopted by me in 2006 to represent the stylized 'F' in the corporate logo for BestFIX Watch Company.  This little 'f' stands for the independent tradesman's FREEDOM from the restrictive, greedy and monopolistic Swiss, and also from pernicious, 'elite' American watchmakers who detest ANY form of competition, and actively work to subvert both the evolution of the trade itself, and any new tradesmen who dare to question authority.   

Pericula Ludus!