Chronosport Watch Repair Service Levels*

L1 - Battery/Seals/P-Test*

Designed for well-cared-for UDTs, this watch repair service level will ultrasonically clean the case and strap/bracelet, pressure test for initial case integrity, inspect and diagnose and adjust the movement, replace the power cell, inspect and lubricate the gaskets, test and confirm all functions, and reseal and final pressure test with printed-receipt verification of both consumption/timing and negative/positive dry pressure test.  This service level will NOT correct any problem with the movement other than low/dead battery.  $165 plus return shipping.

* = Requires Diagnosis/Additional Cost Possible

L2 - Movement Service Plus X*

In addition to L1 service, this service level provides for MOVEMENT disassembly, ultrasonic cleaning, lubrication and reassembly.  Cost is $385.  L2-PLUS X services include additional items which may be requested or REQUIRED during your UDT service:

  • New Crown $80
  • New Crystal $55
  • Sapphire Crystal Upgrade $149
  • Viton Seal Upgrade $99
  • Argon gas fill Upgrade $49
  • Pusher Refurbish $45 each
  • Bezel Spring Tune $75
  • Alarm Piezo Ceramic Disc $95
  • Replace Circuit (+$ additional)
  • Replace LCD (+$ additional)

* = Requires Diagnosis/Additional Cost Possible

L3 - UDT Restoration Services*

In combination with either L1 or L2 service, this level provides for the following optional required or requested services:

  • Relume Dial &/or Hands $120
  • Full Restoration of Dial $225
  • New Bezel Insert (divers only) $150
  • Recoat Case & Bezel Ring with Mil-spec Teflon or Norell ArmorTuff $495 (Sale! $399)

* = Requires Diagnosis/Additional Cost Possible

HEADS UP:  We decide which service level your watch needs AFTER you send it to us for a bench diagnosis.   Our bench fee (or decline fee) if you decide not to have work done is $79.95.   Most UDTs which we have not serviced or repaired before will NOT qualify for L1 service, and will require L2 plus additional service at a MINIMUM.  This PROTECTS your valuable UDT and insures optimal functioning and water resistance.

We are the ONLY folks who know how to service this watch AND have ALL the parts.  We reserve the right to REFUSE service to any person for any reason at any time.  You've been briefed.

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